Case of the Month

This is Maggie! She is an 11 year old Beagle that came to Essex Animal Hospital in August, 2020. Maggie suffered from arthritis in her knees and hips, and T3-L3 Myelopathy in her spine. Due to these conditions, exercising became difficult for Maggie, and she started to gain weight. Maggie weighed 59 lbs and was about 40% overweight.

We started Maggie on a weight loss plan, specific to her. We put her on a veterinary weight loss diet and she began walking in our underwater treadmill twice weekly. We also did some bloodwork and discovered that Maggie also had a condition called Hypothyroidism which also contributes to weight gain. Maggie began taking thyroid medication to control her thyroid, continued eating the weight loss diet, and walked in the underwater treadmill twice weekly for 5 months.

Once she became more mobile she also started doing physiotherapy exercises at home. After all her hard work, and great care from her owners Maggie was able to loose 20.3 lbs, which is 30% weight loss! She now weighs 39.2 lbs, she looks amazing and is so much more mobile and happy. We are so incredibly proud of Maggie and the progress she has made!