Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps your pet regain functional ability, optimizes mobility, and improves their quality of life. The benefits of physical therapy for pets include:

  • Increased rate of recovery from injury and surgery
  • Improved functional abilities
  • Weight loss assistance
  • Pain reduction
  • Increased strength and range of motion
  • Performance enhancement of athletic dogs

At Essex Animal Hospital, we provide a variety of physical therapy treatments to help your pet regain their mobility and live a pain-free lifestyle. Our veterinarians will assess your pet’s condition and discuss the various rehabilitation and treatment options that are best for your pet.

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise is the cornerstone of physical rehabilitation, has many benefits and is appropriate for a variety of conditions. The types of therapeutic exercise include strengthening, flexibility, range of motion, balance, and endurance training. With these exercises we can:

  • Improve cartilage and ligament health
  • Improve muscle mass and strength
  • Prevent or reverse osteoporosis, increase circulation
  • Decrease pain
  • Reduce obesity
  • Improve overall function and mobility

For more information about our physical therapy services and therapeutic exercise, please call us at (519) 776-7325.