Veterinary Radiography

Radiographs (also known as x-rays) are a common diagnostic tool that allows us to diagnose your pet’s current health status. X-rays are a non-invasive tool that produces images that allow us to gather more information regarding your dog or cat’s health condition. At Essex Animal Hospital, we use x-rays to:

  • Diagnose fractures and joint abnormalities
  • Diagnose issues within the heart, lungs, urinary, and digestive organs
  • Detect certain types of tumors and cancers
  • Locate foreign objects that may have been ingested

After developing the x-rays, our veterinarians will interpret the images and create a treatment plan according to your pet’s diagnosed condition. If your dog or cat’s condition requires additional diagnostic testing, our in-house laboratory can provide additional information to help treat your pet. For more information about our radiology services, please call us at (519) 776-7325.